Skin Tightening

Benefits for doctors
• One quick 20-minute treatment with the Laser rather than a series of treatments as needed
• Easy to operate

Benefits for patients
• Smoothes lines, wrinkles and scars. Immediate skin tightening
• Lifts and tightens eyelids and under chin
• Removes brown spots and redness
• Minimal downtime and discomfort
• Reduces pore size
• Forms new collagen

How does it Work?
Immediate skin cooling will give not only comfortable feeling to the patients but also allow practitioners to deliver more energy safely. Memory of treatment protocols allows users to customize treatment based on a situation and skin type of the individual patient, to maximize results and deal with patient comfort and potential side effects.

Using ultra pulse beam as short pulses duration time can especially reduce problems of burning or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Most of cases are required several treatment up to 3-5 sessions monthly to achieve outstanding results.

Skin tightening requires the delivery of energy to the epidermis and dermis for thermal coagulation of tissue.

Ablative methods will also vaporize the tissue with nicer results but with additional thermal risk.

How to improve Skin Tightening?
RF energy or Co2 Fractional Laser beam penetrates deeply into the whole dermis and increase the temperature effectively to accelerate blood circulation of dermis and subcutaneous tissue.
It will give rise to immediate contraction of collagen tissues and reproduction of collagen for a longer term with a result of skin tightening, rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction.

Energy Delivery Shape

Our two different systems offer different delivery methods of  laser energy and RF energy.
Ablate (vaporize) tissue and others generate heat causing a thermal effect on the tissue.
It is shown as above with two different energy delivery methods.