Skin Resurfacing

Benefits for doctors
• Minimal risk of complications
• Easy to operate
• Depth of influence under control
• Easy to operate because of Smart protocol installed

Benefits for patients
• Very little downtime using Ultra Pulse beam
• Very good results on minor to medium wrinkling
• Faster laser beam emission and instant treatment time
• Easy internal & external procedure

What is skin resurfacing?
Fractionated skin resurfacing is very popular these days since it provides very little downtime than traditional resurfacing and enables patients to get back to daily work quickly.
It produces great results for minor to medium skin wrinkling and acne scars.
The process is very gentle so the face, chest, neck and hands can all be treated with minimal risk of side effects.

Skin Resurfacing with CO2 Fractional Laser is a fractional therapeutic CO2 laser for skin rejuvenation. Your skin will be treated with a Multi-matrix of laser light points that varies in intensity depending on your skin type and desired treatment results.